Quantum Healing Kinesiology, 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA


"MyLiquidFish®ChangeMadeSimple".®/ Registered mark to Jimmy Mack

This Modality has been brought to us by Jimmy Mack Healing trough his NDE. /Thank you Jimmy. Thank you Universe"/

Enjoy his videos here.

Link to his WS - www.JimmyMackHealing.com

Hire me...

Hi, My name is Diana. I came into this world with very strong sensitivity, driving energy, huge imagination, believing in good in every single being, open heart , creativity... I came to see the Earth as Loving place, as meant to be by Divine plan, but ... I came as well with some Shadow baggage /some mine, some from my ancestors,  some absorbed during my journey/  to be heal on Earth plan of existence .

And I started looking around to heal the shadow self. Learning tools and healing modalities .

I practiced with many different healing modalities- less or more complicated.

At some point I said to my Higher Self - 

I wonder if there is  some gentle, logical, easy to work system ?

And the Universe answered my call,  introducing me to  Jimmy Mack modality - "MyLiquidFish®ChangeMadeSimple".®/ Registered mark to Jimmy Mack. Thanks God!!! This what I have been looking for. I schedule a session with Jimmy and I told him " I'd like to learn this Fishy thing". :))

And I became Certified "MyLiquidFish®ChangeMadeSimple".®/ Practitioner. 

All the Modalities I've learn so far lead me to this point, where I'm now.

Ready to give my share to assist you to find and clearing the blockages, programs , intruders, believes..., preventing you to be a Truly God expression on the Earth - and by that I mean - Happy, Healthy, Loving, Successful, Joyful, Creative, Uplifting, Full of Energy.

If you are  feeling I'm the right person to be with you at this point of your journey, reach out for me and schedule a session.

Let's walk together!