Quantum Healing Kinesiology, 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi Dear Seeker 

My name is Diana Mineva

You called the Universe asking for assistance and I'm here .

I'm a person exactly like you , no more or less extraordinary. 

I believed every single one of us is very, very special and deserved to live the amazing life,

as meant to be.

Sometime during our journey we face challenges, feel lost, loosing ground, overwhelm and we need some extra help to step back into our power.

Or, perhaps everything in your life is going smoothly, but you have these big dreams and you need some extra power to achieve them?  

Or something is missing?  - Job, Carrier, Romance, Adventure, Relationships, a Little one to complete your family ...

In my personal journey I studied and practiced different  healing modalities .

I was working with clients as well , assisting  them to resolved their challenges. But ...

this is a big BUT ... I was not aware the things like "Healthy boundaries"

Being a Highly sensitive person I was absorbing negative from other people, places , emotions ..and at some point I Crashed ...

And I prayed to GOD

" Dear God, This is to much for me. Please, Give me something else :

And God introduced  me to  the Art of Felting. Such a Joy and Beauty.

I became a Master and a Teacher in these amazing art.

But.. Again BUT ...

2 years ago things  happen - The only option I had was  to go back to Holistic healing .

Basically, I have been told " The vacation is over - go back to work"  :))

So I'm back, More mature, More aware with more tools into the Magic box.


I'm here. If you need my assistance, please feel free to reach out for me and schedule a session.

Like doctors, lawyers  etc there is no promises for specific results, 

but Give it a try and See for yourself how the Magic is unfolding for you!!!

See you there!


Dodging Energy Vampires


Spontaneous Transnational Technique - Level 1

Reprogramming your subconscious mind


Neurol Logistic Programming

Pendulum Healing 


Emotional Freedom technique