Quantum Healing Kinesiology, 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA


Note on purchasing sessions:  I do not issue refunds for any reason. I charge for my time on the phone, Skype, Zoom or in person and if you cancel prior to an appointment or during one for any reason, there are no refunds or exchanges of any kind. If you purchase a product, there are no refunds or exchanges for any reason at any time. Once delivered, they cannot be unheard or unseen and cannot be returned. I do not guarantee any results any more than any physician, lawyer or teacher would. I am only charging for services of time and or for products and I make no promises or guarantees, expressed, written or implied.


I'm a firm believer that our emotions, feeling, believes underlying the issues we reaching trough the life. /physical, mental, financial, relationships towards our self and others, our place in the world, job, carrier ... pretty much any aspect of our life/

This is why I will encourage you to do some work in this area.

Most often, when old beliefs, fears, guilt, shame, anger are extracted from your field and replaced by positive ones - such as Love, Courage, Self-esteem, Will to Live, Creativity, Inspiration, and so on. , miracles begin to happen.


In general - When You Step back to your strength /POWER/ , there are no mountains you can not climb!

60 min session - $150


Mini Session
15 Minute Session



This is for established clients only who have worked with me in the past or on going and know exactly what a session is like and how to prepare for the session. This session is for crossroads. Very brief Q and A’s; like should we buy this house or that one? Car or SUV, which school for our child etc…

Standard Session
30 Minute Session




We will discuss any issues and formulate a plan. I will cover a variety of key beliefs to discuss and work on creating real changes in order to offer relief from any number of issues. After even this brief session, clients have experienced changes and come away with a greater sense of peace. This is NOT an option for new clients because it does not allow enough time to address needs and find deeper, underlying issues that require time and it is only for experienced/established clients, IE Tune ups.

Dynamic First Time Sessions


Basic session 

60 min - $ 150 + 15  min Complimentary session.


Advance session
90  Minute Session +30 min Bonus prior conversation + 30 min Bonus follow up conversation 

$ 350



We will work through any issues that you may have (make lists!) regarding physical, emotional or spiritual challenges, including health, relationships, money and create changes for you that will greatly enhance every aspect of your being and allow for the highest probability to create changes.

We will cover a lot of ground and we are going to go fast. Not out of breath fast, but you will end the call feeling that you got your money’s worth. You will want to be hydrated and create topical lists of items to discuss.


Energy Clearings & Haunting /Spirits
60 Minute Session /Please , not - this healing can require more than 1 session - most of the time 3 sessions are good/
$ 350



Clearing Energy vampires and Cutting draining cords  from your Energy field , 

Balancing the chakras.

Increasing the Vitality and Will to live

Reestablishing the field

Further actions and  instructions to protect your field and your self. / pets, house, workplace, situations/